We all know how quickly children grow out of clothes, and CocoBee passionately believes that good clothes that have simply been out grown should not be wasted, but instead be passed on to other children who can enjoy them and get more life from them.

CocoBee sources beautiful quality clothes that are either brand new or have been previously worn but are still in great condition.


Looking around the shop, you would never guess if a piece is new or has been worn before. With prices from €2 there is something for every budget.


There is a small playarea for your little ones to keep them entertained while you look around and browse through carefully selected beautiful clothes. 


Most common brands are George, H&M, Marks&Spencer, Next, Rebel... There are also few pieces from Ted Baker, Gap,...

However, branded or not, they are all in great condition.


Please browse selected items online to see a small portion of our stock. Option to shop online is coming soon. 

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