Hello from CocoBee and Hi to our lovely fans Eleni!

January 16, 2020

Our friends are mum’s with children of all ages that love recycling, discount shopping, online shopping for clothes or shoes and they are all the time out searching for new interesting things to do or buy for their little treasures. We would like to share with you some words about one of these wonderful ladies that is a true inspiration for all of us. Her name is Eleni and she is the mum of three beautiful kids: Georgie, James and Danny. We love her description on her amazing blog: “I'm a tiny mama with big, messy, curly hair. I love t-shirts and sneakers, books and writing, movies and music, travel and tips and advice on how to get things done.”
Blog? Yes! This is what we would like to share with you! She is a passionate writer and she has this amazing blog where you can find information about everything in Cyprus! 

Gerogie’s Mummy Motherhood and Lifestyle blog is a must-read webpage for all mums that are searching for information or who simply would like to enjoy reading something entertaining and funny! 

Her blog is about everything – from Motherhood and Parenting, to Food, Cyprus, Style and Beauty, Travel, Films or spending time ideas you can find may cute stories about various subjects! She is posting all the time so this is a opportunity to keep on following her posts and pictures on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/georgiesmummy/) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/georgiesmummy/ ). We will not forget to Thank her also for the marvelous article that she wrote about our little shop! 
“Textile waste is a big problem worldwide. The numbers are astonishing, as you would imagine, making it something we all need to start tackling right now starting with the brand new cute t-shirts, adorable dresses, neon-coloured leggings and trendy shoes we love buying for our offspring. Children grow like weeds, twice a year they require a massive wardrobe overhaul that’s never cheap so it makes sense that many items can and should come from places like CoCoBee.”

You may continue reading her lovely article here: http://georgiesmummy.com/cocobee-for-preloved-kiddie-clothes-and-shoes/# and do not forget to keep on reading her posts … She will always tell you about things that you never imagined they are in Cyprus! 

Shop form CocoBee

February 03, 2019

New products on our website. Easy to order for your favorite garments for babies and children. Just choose your special, ones add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. Do not forget to mention if you like to pick your items from our shop or to have them delivered with ACS! Find on our website more than 1500 products! We want to make life easier to all mum's so relax and shop!!!

Why to choose CocoBee Shop for your children clothes?

January 23, 2019

Searching for 1000 reasons to buy from our little boutique shop for children? Tired of visiting  shop after shop and not finding your perfect outfits for the reasonable prices? We at CocoBee will give you the reasons to check for our new updated online shop or to visit us!


We bring new products all the time so there is no reason to wait for the next collection to find something fancy...


One shop where you can find all brands from Zara to Next, Ralph Lauren to Dolce&Gabbana, Mothercare to T&T, Marks&Spencer and Marasil you can find everything here. 


The best prices in the city. Why to spend so much money for a dress that your little girl will wear maybe only one month in the summer? You could have a cute outfit for your boy for less and you could spend more money in your next family holiday !! 

With prices starting from 3 or even 2 euro per piece, shopping at CocoBee is so easy!!! You do not need to wait for your next month paycheck to buy something!!! Finally, a shop that everybody can afford.  You don't need to be an experienced parent to know that kids are expensive, and to figure out that a lot of the stuff you buy them will end up broken, stained, or outgrown before you get your money's worth.


Your kids could be dressed better than you could ever dress them new!


Our new online shop allows you now, to check for our products from the comfort of your home. Check for our products by age, choose the one you like, proceed to check out and the only thing you have left to do is to choose between picking up your order from our shop or paying at the delivery! Anything you wish will be delivered to you with ACS all over Cyprus for a discounted price of only 3 euro per delivery. 


Waiting for you, dear clients, to enjoy a different style of shopping for your kids introduced to you by CocoBee!

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

December 19, 2017

CocoBee is proud to announce that we have gone through all the necessary verifications and have now all the permissions to become a collective point for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. It is the largest non-governmental, non-profit organization in Poland and it aims to support health care by purchase of state of the art medical equipment for polish hospitals and clinics. This years focus is saving new-borns lives! We kindly ask you to visit us at Evagora Papachristophorou 4 (Mon-Fri 9:30-13:00) and donate for this beautiful purpose. You will be given a heart sticker which symbolizes a Big Heart on those who help and share with others ❤️ Together we can become the reason why few small hearts will keep on beating

Children Clothing Mini Bazaar

July 28, 2017

10:00 - 16:00

Re-sale market of beautiful children clothing with drinks and snack bar as well as music to add up to a lovely atmosphere and fun shopping day for all parents who support re-cycling of kids wear!
The day of amazingly low prices for the best quality pieces only! Come and join us and grab some lovely bargains! 

My Dear friends please invite your friends as well to the upcoming event. We are getting ready for the Saturday Bazaar! The shop is packed with clothing shoes of amazing quality. There will be snacks drinks music fun and lots of parents with kids !! Join us

Cocobee - Style with heart by Kids have fun in Cyprus

June 01, 2016

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